Saturday, July 11, 2009

A lousy blogger

Off late I was out of touch with the world. You can understand this happens when people are not working. I had sparse access to net and my Gmail inbox was overflowing with unread mails.

Now as I am in the process of getting to my surfing habits, a long forgotten hobby popped up its head. My blog- has had a bad bad run till now. In the times when IT majors are coming up with better than expected results, here are some stats about my blog's dismal performance till now.

In almost two years of its existence, my blog has managed just 16 posts. That's like I dont know typing. It comes down to 0.66 post in one month. I have managed 20 subscribers and 996 page views. The stats are presented in a much pleasant form below. A queer observation was that quite a number of came from Brazil where none of my friends went.

When compared to last year average time per isit has decreased by 4% (-) and bounce rates have decreased by 8% (+). Number of visits have increased ny 58%. Other stats of this year as given below.

The feed stats are much more recent as I started it quite late. Here they are.

As they say - You cant improve what you cant measure. This blog post is a step in the right direction.

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Mj said...

Nice to see the post after long time. Maybe this will motivate another "lousy blogger" to start writing..... :)