Sunday, October 28, 2012

Being Google!

Get your Google BackGoogle came up with this video same day Windows 8 was launched. I agree it lacks the geek quotient but its a simple video explaining how the Get your Google back on Windows 8.  

Its a simple and smart way to ensure business is intact and at the same time show the customer that we care. An MBA professor can make a huge case study out of this underlining the jargon called Change Management. But that will be mainly BS.

The moot point being   - Often we take our customers for granted. How the world is changing around them ceases to be our concern. But its so important. 

Its such an obvious thing to do and yet so many companies around the world don't think on those lines. When I seek bad examples, I go no further that Indian telecom companies. With all the apparently sophisticated analytics they have in place, they fail to tell me that a cheaper plan is available for similar data speeds. (This being the change in their own eco system) but seem to always remind me of new Tamil tunes on Airtel even though my language selection mentions otherwise. And therefore, for reasons not so hidden anymore, I don't trust Airtel to help me ride the change.

Does your company help it's customers to ride the wave of change? 
Is your company being Google?.