Sunday, March 1, 2009

Solution should not hamper the GOAL

OK fine.... you are facing certain problems in achieving your goal. And then you come up with a quick fix solution and everybody eulogizes you as if you are the next 'Micheal Porter' .But please check if the solution to that problem is taking you farther from the goal. If it is, please acknowledge the solution is imperfect. Be cognizant of the fact that your process is flawed and now you are not achieving the goal you set out to achieve.

A case in point is Group Discussion. Sure, they might be a necessary component of certain kind of recruitment but why they have become a way of life for all the recruiters now days is because it helps them to manage scale. I refuse to believe that every kind of job these days requires GD. It is a filter with probably the wrong kind of holes in it. It does not matter what kind of job you are getting into. You will definitely go through a GD because there are many applicants and interviewer does not want to interview everybody. Sure, this is a problem but is GD the right solution ? Before you know, you have started justifying the need of a GD and correspondingly changing the job description. And above all owing to your immense faffing skills you have everyone on the board convinced about it.

You add an activity to solve a problem and now to justify its side affects you start tinkering with the end objective. Everything is a mess now.

The answer to the question - "Why do we need a GD?" should be testing certain skills one cannot test in an interview. The answer should not be that there are too many applications. If this is the reason, you will most likely NOT get the best person from the lot which obviously was the goal. If after the process you think you have got the best - You are fooling yourself. In this case, the GD is not only a waste, it is your adversary. And the inherent nature of such adversaries is that they continue to be a part of the process hiding clandestinely - unnoticed and unknown. You will do better to track them down and eliminate them.

The goal of the modified process is not to get the best person anymore. It is to manage large numbers. But give it a thought is that what you actually wanted !!!

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