Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Dadaji - Late Mr. B.P.Singh

They say with great people, there is no difference between the person and principles. This aptly defined my Grandfather. The keystone of our family, my Grandfather, breathed his last on 2nd Dec 2009 after 3 months of intense illness. He was 82. He will always be remembered as a person who stood for integrity and truth. Known for his honesty and revered by all, he left a deep imprint on anyone he met. Its an honour to be associated with his name for life and to proudly say, I am the grandson of Mr.B.P.Singh.

I spent most of my childhood learning from him, playing with him and towards the later part of my life discussing with him some silly and some complex facets of life. For the fact that he was from pre-independence generation, his ideologies were amazingly modern and rational. He always taught me the importance of being true to oneself, living with dignity and fighting for truth. I still remember how he would share with me little space on his side of the bed just to make me comfortable, how he would quote 'slokas' to give me examples of ideal behaviour, how he taught me the complex intransitive verb concept and tenses in English grammar, how he would test my mathematics with creating complex problems from daily chores of life. Well I could go on and on in terms of what all I learned from him and what all he achieved professionally and otherwise, but it would never be all.

It is been exactly two months since he passed away and as I write this, I understand what my friend Umang said - They have left their bodies, their deeds still remain, their memories still remain and their influence still remains. This is how my Grandpa lives along with me - In every thing I do, in everything I think and in everything I will be. Thank you Dadaji!


The Zeus said...

I have hardly seen you talk about someone with this much intensity. Though I met him only through your descriptions, I wish I had a chance to actually meet him. All I can imagine is a jolly good fellow who was too perfect for his times..

Ankush Singla said...

Agreeing with what Chandra said... Never met him but after reading this, wud have been a pleasure to meet him. Though I'm sure of one thing, he would have been real proud to have a real "yuvraj" for his grandsaon...